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Lane Etiquette

Make your swim safe, enjoyable, and satisfying while always showing consideration for other swimmers.

At all times be aware of what is going on in your lane. Look around before you enter. When entering the pool please do not dive in for the safety and comfort of others in your lane and the adjacent lanes. Diving should only occur in a controlled training setting. Wait your turn to enter the lane. If others are resting at the end, warn them that you are coming in.


Observe the following when overtaking:

• If the swimmers in your lane are moving at a reasonable pace, overtake only at the turn. About 10 metres from the end indicate to the swimmer in front by a gentle touch to one foot. At the turn, the first swimmer pulls to the left to allow the other to turn first.

• If you wish to overtake a much slower swimmer in the middle of the pool, first look to see if the coast is clear. If another swimmer is approaching, then wait. Then make sure you have the speed and distance to overtake safely. Once past, ease back to the left. Do not cut off the other swimmer or kick water in his or her face.  If you are being overtaken, do not speed up or attempt to race. This will cause confusion and may cause injury.


Please arrive fifteen minutes early for every training session. If unavoidably late, complete your warm-up in another lane and then join the program at the point the other swimmers have reached. Respect the coach and the other swimmers by listening carefully to instructions so that time is not wasted in repetition. Thank you for swimming safely and courteously.


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