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Barry Green and Marg Watson

2023 Award Winners

2022 Marg Watson and Barry Green 

2021 Pamela Walter

2013 Tricia Summerfield (also Honorary Life Member of the MSWA)

2004 Lynda Joachim (founder and initial President).

Life Members


Stadium Masters


Kevin Wren Award: Winner Barry Green 


Runner Up: Brett Jago


The Kevin Wren Award is awarded to the champion male swimmer who achieves the most points during the year from their best 4 results from ABCCC meets. The trophy was donated by Audrey Wren in memory of her late husband Kevin.


Cliffe Webb Award: Brett Jago


Runner Up: Pamela Walter


The Cliffe Webb Award is awarded to the champion swimmer who achieves the most points from the State Championships and our hosted ABCCC meet. Winners of the Kevin Wren and Lynda Joachim awards in the same year are not eligible for this award. Inaugurated in 2002, the trophy was donated by Cliffe Webb, who joined the Club on a visit from the UK and who continues to enjoy his association with the club.


Lynda Joachim Award: Winner Cas Brown


Runner Up: Pamela Walter


The Lynda Joachim Award is awarded to the champion female swimmer who achieves the most points during the year from their best 4 results from ABCCC meets. This award is named after Lynda Joachim, Snappers' first president and then captain for two years. Lynda returned home to Queensland in 1995. She was appointed the first life member in 2004.


Founder’s Award: Winner Anne Edmondson


Runner Up: Kim Simpson and Denise Scott


The Founders’ Award is presented to the swimmer who has never won any of the above awards or the Founders’ Award and whose swimming performance shows the most commitment and greatest improvement over the year. One point is given for each PAB and 3 points for each PB. This award was also inaugurated in 2002. It was donated by Glad McGough, the coach who conducted the original Swim to a Healthy Lifestyle program, in honour of the participants who went on to form the Snappers Club.


Beatie Norris Award: Winner Audrey Bullough


Runner Up: Pamela Walter


The Beatie Norris Endurance Award is the latest addition to the Club’s array of annual awards. It is presented to the swimmer who achieves the highest number of points in the Endurance1000 program. Each swimmer gains 2 points for each e1000 swim they complete regardless of speed. They are then awarded bonus points for each swim increasing with age. Pamela Walter and her sisters donated the trophy for the Beatie Norris Endurance Award in honour of their mother who was a Club member for 18 years. Beatie died in 2014.


President’s Award: Winner William Woodhouse


The President’s Award is selected by the President and awarded to a Club member who has made an outstanding contribution to the administration and/or development of the Club.


Participation Award: Winner Helen Austin


The Participation Award is presented annually to the member who actively participates in the most training sessions, club swims and Act Belong Commit Club Challenges, either as a swimmer, official or helper. This award also recognizes the extra and special efforts contributed by the recipient in their own time to advance the club’s ideals.


Stadium Masters Endurance Star Awards


The Endurance Star Awards were inaugurated in 2000 to encourage more Club members to participate in and benefit from endurance swims, even though they may not be proficient in all strokes. A One Star Endurance Award is given to anyone who completes the 14 swims in the Vorgee Endurance 1000 program (five x 400 m, five x 800 m, and one each of 1500m, half hour, three quarter hour and one hour) in any one of the three major strokes, freestyle, backstroke or breaststroke. A Two Star Endurance Award is given for completing the 14 swims in two strokes and a Three Star Endurance Award for completion in three strokes. From 2007, Four and Five Star Awards are available for swimmers who also complete the endurance Individual Medley and Butterfly swims. Speed is not a factor and there is no element of competition. 


2 Star Award: Audrey Bullough, Brett Jago, Pamela Walter, Anne Edmondson (Freestyle and Backstroke); Bill Woodhouse (Freestyle and Breaststroke) 

3 Star Award: Cas Brown (Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke)


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