"Disciplined but sociable and enjoyable"

Rob and Sue

Rob "I like the friendly support and light-hearted ribbing"


Sue "The club has so many welcoming, supportive, and friendly people. By swimming I'm attempting to improve my health and well-being"

Aresh and Grace


"coming soon"


"I like being a member of the club because they are a friendly, easy-going, caring bunch and there are versatile programs catering for all abilities. The coaches are very patient"




"I enjoy swimming with the club to keep fit and heathy and to be with the friends I have made over 17 years"

Audrey is our oldest member

Denise and Peter


Denise "I love surprising myself by swimming further than I would if swimming on my own. There are great coaches, programs & members"


Peter "It’s fun, the sessions force me to come to swim and push myself to keep up"


"I like the fitness, fellowship and fun. The members are like family.  I also love having a goal to aim for"

Cas is a 3 star  Endurance Award winner

Stadium Masters

About Us

What is a Masters Swimmer?   Click here to find out more…

Stadium Masters is a Masters swimming club with about 60 members based at HBF Stadium, Mt Claremont, since 1992.  The Club shares its aspiration to swim for “Fitness, Friendship and Fun” with Masters Swimming WA and Masters Swimming Australia with which it is affiliated. 


Membership is open to swimmers aged 18 years and over who can swim 50 metres comfortably. Accredited coaches prepare and run regular training programs to suit the needs of swimmers, covering skill development, stroke correction, general fitness and training for specific events. Sessions are held most weekdays and on Sundays in booked and uncrowded lanes.


Stadium Masters offers a range of swimming options such as inter-club carnivals, State, National and International meets, travelling together as a team. For those who enjoy swimming over longer distances, there is a well-structured pool-based aerobic program, Endurance 1000, involving distances between 400 and 3000 metres. During the summer months members enjoy open water events held at many local ocean beaches. Many members are not interested in competition and swim purely for fitness and recreation. Social activities are also an important part of the Club’s calendar.


Prospective members are very welcome to swim with the Club at training sessions for up to one month before registering and paying the membership fee.



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Stadium Masters Swimming Club

Located at HBF Stadium Mount Claremont

ABN: 55 280 850 346

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