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We provide:-

  • qualified coaches supervising structured training programs.

  • programs for pool and open water in booked uncrowded lanes
  • stroke correction

  • club and interclub competitions
  • cross training for other sports

  • social events

Interested in Joining? Come along for a one month FREE trial. 

We swim at HBF Stadium

100 Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont

Contact for more information.

Fees for 2022 

Membership is now available for 2022. For Members registration please click here.


Registration Period


Club fees Branch Fees National Fees Total Fees

12 month NEW SWIMMING MEMBER, 1 January to 31 December 2022

$72.00 $46.00 $42.00 $160.00

12 month Student 18-24 years old , 1 January  to 31 December 2022  

$12.00   $46.00 $42.00 $100.00

12 month Swimmer, 1 January to 31 December 2022

$132.00  $46.00 $42.00 $220.00 

12 Month  Swimmer over 80, 1 September 2021 TO  31 December 2022

$127.00  $46.00 $42.00  $215.00

12 month SOCIAL MEMBER (non-swimmer) 1 Januaryup to 31 Dec 2022

$35.00 $0.00 $0.00 $35.00
12 month SECOND CLAIM MEMBER (WA) 1 January to 31 Dec 2022 $110.00   


     $0.00         $110.00   

12 month SECOND CLAIM INTERSTATE 1 January  to 31 Dec 2022 

$110.00 $46.00 $0.00 $156.00

For Members registration please click here.

Prospective Members are very welcome to swim with the Club at training sessions for up to one month before registering and paying the membership fee.  New members should enter Stadium Masters when asked to state their club.

We have a Student Membership available for full time Students aged 18-24 years old. This is $100.00 for 12 months from  1 January to 31 December 2022.

For more information regarding Second Claim Membership  please click here. You will need to fill in this form and have paid your primary club membership prior to submitting a 2nd claim request.

Social Members should contact the club by email to join the club directly. 

Membership includes access to up to 5 formal training sessions per week in booked lanes, Endurance 1000 timing sessions, and social activities. You can also compete in Interclub Carnivals, State and National swims. Several of our swimmers enter Open Water Swims and some even swim to Rottnest. 

Your membership fee also registers you with Masters Swimming Australia and Masters Swimming Western Australia and pays for your insurance against accidental injury.

If you have a medical condition please click here to download form.