Age group winners at the 2021 Masters Swimming State Championships


Masters Swimming State Championships 2021

Results for Stadium Masters Swimmers

LLCC's and Club Swim Results


Fremantle LLCC 27th March 2022

Club Swim - 12th March 2022

Club Swim - 29th January 2022


Club Swim - 9th October 2021

Club Swim - 28th August 2021 (SC)

Club Swim - 24th July 2021

WML Club Challenge LC 14th March 2021 

Club Swim - 27th February 2021


 Swim results - 10th October 2020

Club Swim results - 22nd August 2020

Club swim results - 11th July 2020

Club swim results - 1st February 2020

Newman Churchlands LLCC Results - 16th February 2020

Club swim results - 7th March 2020


Club Records

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 Club Challenge trophy

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